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Who are Crossfyre Players? 
They are a group of talented people who love challenging, interesting and unusual theatre,
in particular, Theatre of the Absurd.

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WHAT IS NEXT? Crossfyre Players are tentatively booked into Firestation 101 for June 2024. Which play are we doing?
WATCH THIS SPACE! January 2024 for the big reveal
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Ipswich Threads is an innovative exhibition celebrating the history of the three Ipswich Woollen Mills.
Crossfyre Players is doing a short dramatisation of a report to the Industrial Court of Qld as part of the opening event on Friday 1 September.
Watch here for photos!

Heading 6

This is Absurd!
Crossfyre Players most recent production was a set of 4 short plays in the Absurdist style. Performed at FIRESTATION 101.
23 JUNE to 2 JULY 2023


ARTICLE FROM June e-news from That Production Company
This Is Absurd! by Crossfyre Players at Fire Station 101 closes this weekend.

This is Absurd! is an innovative and thought-provoking production from Crossfyre Players. Four short plays, in the absurdist style, delve into the complexity of relationships and modern life.
Eight actors take on a challenging variety of roles which will make you laugh, make you think and ultimately will entertain you.

One of the plays, Impromptu, by Tad Mosel, is performed by arrangement with Music Theatre International Australasia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service, Inc. The other three plays have been devised by Director Suzanne Matulich. Buy tickets

25 JUNE 2 Winifreds C.jpg
25 JUNE 3 Ernests 1 C.jpg
Two Winifreds from 2 productions of Impromptu - Linda Shapcott and Pauline Moore
Three Ernests from 3 productions of Impromptu - Glen Smith, Lance Stewart and Geoffrey Moore.

One Act Play Festival success!

A last hurrah for Impromptu. The 67th One Act Play Festival was great fun! We scored two awards - one for Linda Shapcott for Best Supporting Actor and one for Brian Jentz as Best Actor in a drama. They were very ably supported by their fellow actors Glen Smith and Samantha Warburton. I was also ably supported by my assistant Director Pauline Moore.

Thanks to Ipswich Little Theatre for another fun Festival.

Amazing Audience Reviewer responses for This is Absurd! see below
Audience review FB post26.6.23.png

In 2020 Crossfyre Players performed The Cagebirds, a David Campton classic play in the absurdist style.
They were delighted to perform to three sold out audiences in the Firestation 101 venue, set up as a black box theatre for this production. 
We thank Ipswich Civic Centre for partnering with us on this production and are looking forward to welcoming you to  This is Absurd! at one of 6 performances from 23 June to 2 July, at Firestation 101, cnr Limestone and Waghorn Streets Ipswich

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